What are the signs that is a bad Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is simply our living environment, and the Qi it produces is a manifestation of the vitality and restraint of our luck. As a place where we work and rest, the family must conform to the Feng Shui approach in order to bring good luck to ourselves. Otherwise, even if the home is luxuriously decorated and beautifully done up, it will only bring trouble and bad luck to the owner.

And when there is a problem with Feng Shui in our home, there will always be some signs to tell us whether the Feng Shui in our house is good or bad. At this time, we must pay attention and find these signs.

1.  After moving into a new home, family luck declines, and even family members take turns in injury, illness, money, or dispute & misunderstanding, or family disharmony, frequent work clog up,sited etc. Obviously link with the Feng Shui issue.

2. Family members always have nightmares, or nightmares when sleeping in a certain room, which affects rest and sleep, or if there are children in the family, they often cry suddenly or cry in the middle of the night, frightened, etc. Some people have pets in their homes, inexplicably, crying, turning around, etc., all of which are caused by the magnetic field of negative energy.

3. At home, family members often break things, scratch their skin and fingers, often stumble, or paintings may drop many times, lights and electrical appliances often do not work normally, and commonly used things are often inexplicably found .It is also a sign of bad magnetic field.

4. Always feel upset and restless for a long time at home. And always want to make excuses to go out and even do not want to come home. There are also relatives and friends who can't sit for a while after their visit, especially some children cry when they come in. Anxiety, or a temper tantrum, if this happens many times, then it means that your home aura has too much negative energy.

5. The plants or fish raised in the home often die. If change to other sector it turn normal, it means that the Feng Shui magnetic field in that particular place is not good, so this place should not be occupied, or Feng Shui adjustment in time. If this happens in many places in the home, then the Feng Shui environment of this house is very poor and must be adjusted in time.

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