About Us

Whatevergift LLP is a subsidiary of Fossil Collections Pte Ltd which engages in the principal activity of distributing all types of Water Fountains, unlike its parent company that distributes Wedding gift, Gift and Home Decor. This relatively new company was set up in 2008 but has been distributing high quality, elegant and affordable Water Feature to markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The retailing outlets carrying these Wedding Souvenir fountains are office located at 1 Syed Alwi Road, #03-03 Song Lin Building Singapore 207628.

For more information on WhateverGift Please visit www.whatevergift.com

Contact Tel: +65 6738 4541 for Appointment Email: sales@whatevergift.com

View our showroom today to enjoy our dazzling display of Home Accessories, artistic arrangements and Water Feature for sale, which can add a touch of personality to any area of your home or serve as highly memorable gifts.