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In Chinese culture, water represents life and wealth. The constant movement and outpouring of water from fountains signifies continuous blessings of a long life and prosperity. Now, there is a perfect way to share these well-wishes with loved ones – Whatevergift has created a collection of indoor water fountains for homes. Let the calming sound of the flowing water sooth your senses and brings wealth and happiness into your home. Home owners and interior designers are moving away from the ornate Baroque design styles and progressing towards the sleek, minimalist look.

The concept of the home has become a place of retreat from the chaotic schedules and endless errands translated into interiors with a streamlined look. Water and earthy tones are gradually being incorporated into new houses to create a more contemporary Zen feel. The pairing of the clean lines from the sculptures with the use of organic materials gives the fountains a simple yet tasteful design. These water feature will make a perfect gift for new home owners or people who want to spruce up their house but keep things simple.