Feng Shui Prosperity comprehensive collection, there must be something for you...

(1) The God of Wealth

This is the method even three-year-old kids will know. Therefore, in the Taoist temples, there are people worshiping the God of Wealth. At home, especially in the south east Asia regions, most of the household worship the God of Wealth. The worship of all kind of God of Wealth needs to pay attention to the direction and location,get master to do it.

(2) Fish breeding to expedite wealth

This is a method known to anyone who is slightly exposed to Feng Shui, and is relatively common. But to keep abreast of fish, you should pay attention to a few points following:

- Whether the numerology of the master is suitable for fish breeding.

- The shape of the fish tank.

- The number of fish.

- The color of fish

- To choose auspicious days for fish breeding.

- The place where the fish tank is placed.

- There must be no dead fish, sick fish, fake fish, etc.

(3) Green plant bonsai Method

It is also a relatively common method to place lush, well-grown, leafy, rich and round green plants, such as green radish, on the fortune sector. Use the vitality of green plants to promote the vitality of wealth, thereby driving wealth. In addition, I have heard about another method from one of my friend. I feel very good. If you are interested, you can try it. Place a potted plant with water all around, and the center is the bonsai of landscape plants and trees. With some advanced scientific instruments(mist pump), the water will cause the mist to diffuse in all directions of the bonsai. If you reach out and touch, the mist will feel cold, cool, and moist. This artificially created a piece of artificial landscape, forming a true Feng Shui sector.

(4) Pixiu's wealth collection method.

Pixiu's can be said to be a professional beast of wealth, which is more powerful and famous than goldfish, and is very convenient. You can put the Pixiu's in the house, or wear as necklace or bracelet, etc., and change your wealth unknowingly every day.

(5) Lucky Cat

Lucky cat is also a very common lucky items. It is usually placed on the counter of a small shop in the commodity market, and is luring a fortune at the door. It should be noted that even if it is just a small lucky item , it must be bless, otherwise it is just a handicraft and has no effect. And people who belong to snakes, monkeys and rats can't put it. Otherwise, not only will not make money, but will also suffer financial loss.

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