How to check if your house is clean? How to cleanse and secure your house?

How to check if your house is clean? How to cleanse and secure your house?

In the past, people always looked for Feng Shui Master when they built a house and chose an address. Nowadays, ordinary people rarely do that. We have some guideline for everyone. What kind of Feng Shui is easy to haunt a house, how can you determine if there is a ghost in the house? How do you clean your house?

Method one:

First, let your house be empty for a few days. During these days, there must be no one in your home.

-This can make “them” unsuspecting. Then, after a few days, you choose an hour to enter the house (Sitting north facing south is chosen from 7 am to 9 am).

-Hold your breathe first, then go in with your left foot, follow by your right foot. But the right foot must be in front of your left foot, and then you slowly look from left to right. In this process, you must remember not to breathe. When you look, keep serious, if you find red light or Green light proves that your home is not so clean. Try it.

Method Two:

Prepare your house floor plan, tie a string to a coin. Concentrate your thoughts, place your hand on top of the plan from entrance, if the coin turn to the left, indicate that there is a ghost, and turn to the right to there’s is no problem. If it does, just sprinkle a handful of salt on that direction.

Which area easily get haunted

  1. Stand alone house in the deserted countryside, cemetery, or run down Temple. Or there has been no one living for a long time, and it is easy to become a place for sprits to gather because of lacking positive energy. 


  1. Houses with too much bamboo, peach, and banana. The courtyard should not be planted with this type of plant, which are easily damaged or stuck; in addition, houses covered with vines outside the wall are also easy to recruit spirit.


  1. The house where someone was killed. There have been incidents that caused people to commit suicide or hang in the house. The dead may be so angry that their spirits are reluctant to leave.


  1. Houses with wrong orientation. To Feng Shui practice, the northeast or southwest is the so-called "ghost gate". If the door of the house is opened in the above orientation, or it is located on the northeast or southwest of the crossroads, it is easier to recruit the spiritual being.  


  1. The upper floor area is larger than the lower floor area and looks like a skull. It will have strange things happen frequently. Even the owner is prone to suicidal thoughts.


  1. Houses with too many unearthed antiquities unknown origins, or funeral items of their predecessors are likely to attract resident spirit, These type of things are best not to be place it at home.


  1. A house with a circular staircase prone to attract sprit, especially prefer round objects. If there is a circular spiral staircase in the Centre of the house, it can easily become a playground for the spiritual being.


How to Cleanse your House


When there are unknown problems in the house where people live, such as sickness, unfairness, lawsuit etc., unclean things should be considered.


In real life, many people no longer feel the importance or understand the ritual of cleansing a new house, but the skilled Feng Shui master or the person who walks the immortal road cannot help but to know. Because no matter when you moving, Feng Shui, exorcising evil spirits, etc., house cleansing is the first.


There are many ways to cleanse the house. The most common one is to cleanse the house with grains. There are different opinions about grains and cereals. We use rice, millet, Red beans, Mung(Green beans), and black bean (white, yellow, red, green, and black, respectively, so there are five elements here).


Prepare a few grains before the house (3 gram each. ), three cups of purified water, three cups of white rice wine(prepare three cup, with one bottle white wine), three foot red cloths, one large bowl, one red paper, five buns(or bread, with nothing inside) , sandalwood or powder.


Method: Grains and cereals are evenly mixed. Open all the doors and windows of the room, throw the grains inside the house toward the door, and read the words: This home has an owner. Grain and miscellaneous grains, supported by the generations, the house God is returned, the rest please leave...


Sprinkle until the entrance of the main door, and then go to the kitchen. First lay the red paper on the stove area, then put the remaining grains in a large bowl, place the bowl on the red paper, and place the wine, water, and steamed buns or bread. Arrange neatly on the red paper, light a handful of incense (more than three sticks) for western country can use tea-light or candle,prepare a plate and light up, best fill up the whole plate, hold it high, and shout out: The house god has arrived, the stove god is back! Then insert the incense into the large bowl with both hands.


After the incense is inserted, it is best for people to retreat outside the house. If it is not convenient, they can stay indoors, but don't make any noise. After the incense burns out, close all doors and windows, and the offerings can be pack. The steamed buns or bread are edible, and can also be disposed of with wine, water, and grains. The grains scattered on the ground can be left for a while. Pack and dispose them before moving into the house, meaning, they can be processed at any time. After completing the process, fold the red cloth into a strap and hang it the door frame of the door from the outside, and remove it three days later. Best to leave the light on in every corner,nobody suppose to stay inside the house till you move in.


House cleansing In a sense, its role is to expel the outer ghost, settle the house god, that is, the master house god, and this ceremony is to announce the sovereignty of the house god to the rest, and warn the outer ghost: the people in this house, Are protected by us. It is also because of the protection of the house god that we can live in peace and stability from the invaders.

As this is one of the method for Chinese style, we welcome suggestion for different culture to share here for knowledge sharing and learning...


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